Sand Blasting

Our crews are fully trained in all phases of surface preparation. We are able to provide whatever service the contract requires.

Larger projects justify the use of one of our two mobile, steel grit recycling systems. These high-production machines provide the quality that the specifications require, and the production that the Owner appreciates in order to return their tank to service in the most timely manner possible.

Smaller jobs require the flexibility that our 8-ton and 6-ton pots can provide. We can run the blast media that the job requires through these smaller pots.

Coal Slag or exotics such as copper slag are available to meet the requirements of the situation.

All equipment has their demand for high pressure air supplied through one of our new Sullair Compressors. We have recently taken possession of a 1600 CFM, a 1300CFM and a 260CFM compressor. All are brand new and high pressure.

Reliable equipment is one way we ensure your project will be done correctly and on time.


Containment of Environmentally Sensitive Waste

The emphasis on protection of the environment in today's market has required steel structure painters to adjust and provide not only a quality product, but also to be able to do it in a manner that is ecologically sound.

M. K. Painting has three complete containment systems to ensure that not only are we safe from violations of applicable laws, but that we do not put our partners, the Owner, at risk of liability.

Our staff is trained in lead abatement procedures and our knowledge of industry standards provide not only safety for our crews, but for our 'temporary neighbors' as well.

Coating Application

M. K. Painting's skilled and experienced coating applicators are able to provide the delivery of a quality finished product. We are able to meet the requirements of the specifications as to dry film thickness and freedom from surface defects such as runs, sags, drips and skips.

Proper application results in not only an aesthetically pleasing product, but one that will provide optimum service life. We are certified in the application of not only the industry standard zinc based and epoxy primers, but also the more VOC sensitive plural component 100% solids products.

As the industry moves to these low VOC products we are ready to help the Owner meet the governmental standards they are required to adhere to.

Welding Repairs

M. K. Painting retains AWS certified welders on staff. Their skills in welding and fabrication have provided many Owners with solutions to their rehabilitation needs.

Standard items such as vents, man ways, ladders, vandal deterrent doors and fall safety devices are easily provided and installed.

Larger scale and more custom installations such as safety railings, balcony replacements and steel plate repair are also provided when the situation dictates it. Through our professional relationship with steel erections firms, we are able to provide the largest scale rehabilitation projects, such as roof and floor replacements.

We are ready, willing, and able to provide any tank rehabilitation services the Owner may require.